Before you write your advert to place your share for sale....

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If you are selling a share in a sea-going boat see this page.

If you are selling a share in a boat where you employ the services of a management company or your boat is somewhat unusual then a discount for a two year advert is offered. See this page

Before you place your advert it is perhaps a good idea just to let you know the "rules and regulations" and also to help you maybe save time by re-using an advert that has been used before, meaning you can miss out on writing a lot of the boring stuff again.

Lets start by looking to see if there has been an advert placed before. Now, this web site was re-written in 2018 so there might be one on here, or there might be one on the old version of the web site. If it is on the old version you can still ask me to re-use it.

So check HERE and if not there check HERE. I suggest if there is one you keep the page open on your PC as it might help you to refer to it now and again.

Now, if there is an advert already it should take you a little under ten minutes to write your advert, if not it might take as long as 30 minutes by the time you have sent over your pictures. So allow some time, AND you are best off to do this on a PC or Laptop I suspect....but will leave that up to you!

If there is no previous advert then there are three "wordy" sections you will be asked to write, you might like to prepare these on your word processing software first and cut and past them in. They are a "Walk Through" of your boat, the boat "booking system" and your "experience" of having your share. Why not have a look at some existing adverts before you start to get a flavour for what you might have to write? You can do that HERE.

Now:- A few "rules"

Once placed the e-mail address on it (or phone number) cannot be changed.

The pre-booked weeks shown can only be altered by way of adding weeks/dates for a subsequent year.

All communication regarding your advert MUST come from the same e-mail address as the one it was placed from.

If you are selling say two shares, or a large share you might also split (say 1/6th or split 2 x 12th) or you are in a fixed week scheme read this page.

As a general rule I do not allow comparisons to other boats/shares and "patronising" or "emotional" comments. e.g. "Why hire when this is only...." etc.

I will edit or omit any comments I deem as "unsuitable" and will have final say on any wording I do not approve of. Fundamentally ALL adverts should be broadly the same allowing each share an equal opportunity to sell. 

If your boat is in a managed scheme then you should not name them or make mention of their services.

An advert costs £50 for 12 months or £75 for 24 months. Your advert will be removed once it expires or once your share is sold. If you are selling a share and elect to split it in some way (say it is a 1/6th and you elect to split to 2 x 12th's) then that is deemed a sale and a further fee is payable to alter the advert in any way as a share is deemed to have sold. 

Getting ready to start your advert

You are asked to work through a series of four forms, where one is about you, name address etc., one is about your boat where, if an advert exists already you can skip most of it, one is specific to your share and a final one is about the "legal" stuff, sending me any notes you want and advises on adding pictures and...the most important thing of all, paying for it! Each form, after you hit submit, just sends me an e-mail of the content. I then extract what you have written  for your advert.

Please note I WRITE YOUR ADVERT not you, you send me information, I construct the final copy, normally within a day or so, you are then asked to approve it. If there is something is your advert that "looks wrong" I might point this out to you but ultimatly you are responsible for the accuracy of the content. 


Can I suggest you have open THIS PAGE while working through the forms as on it is a list of hints and FAQS that might speed up your filling out each question, so if you are not sure what you can write then a quick glance on THIS PAGE might save you having to ask me.

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