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General information

Type of schemePrivate
Nominal number of sharers11
Year of build2004
Home mooring (2018)Overwater Marina, Nantwich
Engine Type (last knownBetamarine 43 BHP (new 2018)
Berths2 + 2 + 2
Change over dayFriday
Are pets allowedYes
Is smoking allowed insideNo
Booking systemA booking chart for the following calendar year is circulated
in agreed priority order before the owners’ annual meeting,
where the bookings for the next year are confirmed. 

Each owner has a priority for that year, and moves up a couple
of places each year: after a year at the top of the list, the owner
then starts at the bottom, and after six years the cycle begins again. 

Each owner can choose two weeks (separately or as a fortnight) in
the ‘high season’ (April to September inclusive), and one week in
the remainder of the year. By this route, thirty-three weeks are
 firmly booked before the year begins. 

Allowing for time for winter maintenance, the remaining seventeen
weeks are booked with priority in reverse order to the original chart,
so having last choice originally does have its compensations.

These extra bookings are confirmed on the first day of the month before
the month of the booking.
Priority for school holidays There are no special shares (school holiday) at the moment
but if one was required the owners would be consulted to
arrange the added costs of this arrangement.

General Comments About the Boat

This is a 58' narrow boat built on steel from Graham Reeves and fitted out by Milburn Boats

Starting from the stern and working forward:

Semi-trad cockpit, a seating area with storage lockers under containing 2 gas bottles and the engine under the deck.

Companionway with inverter and battery charger under to master bedroom comprising a double bed extendable to king size, en-suite cloakroom, 2 storage drawers under the bed, floor to ceiling wardrobe, and control panel for the diesel fired heating above the bedhead. 

A short corridor with storage on the left for the cushion that fits on the cockpit seat followed by the bathroom with corner bath and shower, wall mirror, wash hand basin, cupboards and WC. 

The galley is U shaped with sink, draining board, gas hob/oven/grill, microwave, cupboards containing sufficient utensils crockery and cutlery for 6 persons. There is an outward opening hatch on the starboard side with a perspex screen that can be placed over the opening if required. 

The dining area comprises L shaped bench seating plus 2 stools for seating 6 at the dining table. The dinette has storage for bedding beneath and converts to a double bed. 

The space beyond has curtains that can be drawn across the boat and a sofa bed which sleeps 2. There is a solid fuel stove, a cupboard for hanging clothes with drawers beneath and a flat screen TV with an FM radio. Loudspeakers for the radio are positioned in this area and in the master bedroom. The TV will operate from either a terrestrial antenna or, if there is no reception, from a satellite antenna. 

The fore deck is accessed via French style doors that hinge right back on themselves. There is seating on storage lockers with leatherette cushions and space for a fold up table kept within the boat. 

The bow contains the 100 gallon water tank.

Pictures of the boat

Specific details for the share offered

Size of share as a percentage or fraction1/11th
Price in UK Pounds£2,750
Reason for sellingWe want to take more holidays abroad
Pre-booked weeks included
My remaining regular bookings for current year are the
week beginning 31st August and the week beginning 
19th October. 

I have also secured a 'spare' week - beginning 9th November.
Just gone - week beginning 18th May
Holiday entitlement with share offered here.I get two high season weeks and one low season week,
with opportunities (in reverse order to main booking)
to book an extra week
School holiday option possible?Yes, please ask vendor for details
Running costs for 2018/9
2017/18 running costs came in at £2,073.77 and were quite
exceptional as they included all owners contributing towards
a replacement engine, gearbox and associated ancillaries
and a new diesel fired central heating boiler. 
Average running costs per 11th share, taking 2017/18
 out of the equation, amount to £800 per annum
including insurance, mooring, CRT licence, RCR membership,
winter maintenance and normal replacement items.
Contact details for vendormarkwbaker@aol.com or 01865 390724

General comments by vendor

Hatherton has a group of owners who have mostly been with her from the start. 

We each play a part in looking after her and have made sure that she has been improved over the years. She had a back to bare metal repaint in 2014, a complete change of soft furnishings and new sofa bed in 2016 and over the winter 2017/2018 has had a new Betamarine 43 BHP engine with new gear box and prop-shaft fitted as well as a new diesel fired boiler and new radiators.

There is no management charge as the boat is self-managed. The mooring charge is currently paid annually and has already been paid for 2018 as have the 2017/2018 winter maintenance charges. 

A new engine, gearbox, prop shaft and diesel boiler were fitted over the winter and have all been paid for. 

All her lighting now has LEDs. You can see from the photos that she is well looked after and we are very proud of her

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