Managed boats

A list of management companies etc.

The following firms offer shares for sale and manage the boats on behalf of thier owners. Of course they do not do this for free and change a fee of ABOUT £300 per share per year (correct and approximate 2018) and if you ask them to sell your share they will normally change a brokerage fee based ona percentage of the sale value achieved. They are listed by order of size (most boats managed)

Our Narrowboat

There are also some timeshare styled companies. If this style of investment interests you please search on the Internet for them, the main difference being you do not actually OWN a share in any boat, and you can "bank" your weeks and use a diferent "resort" if you wish. At first glance I would suggest if you really want to go boating (and not jetting off as well) then boat sharing is CONSIDERABLY cheaper.

One of 44 shares sold in 2015

One of 41 shares sold in 2016

One of 49 shares sold in 2017

several sold already in 2018