Ruislip Lido Car Park

There are basically THREE car parks at Ruislip Lido

Car Park One:

Hillingdon First Carholders Only

Residents of the London Borough of Hillingdon can apply to the Council for a Hillingdon First Card allowing them discounted car parking and free refuse disposal at local waste centres etc. If you visit the Lido by car then having this car will give you substantial discounts over what residents from other boroughs have to pay!

Residents of Hillingdon who wish to park at the Lido can do so for FREE. All you have to do is present your card at the machine and display your ticket.

You must ALWAYS get a ticket. Although the machine has a coin slot there is NO option to pay by cash. If you are not a Hillingdon First Card holder you MUST use the other car park for the Lido.

This car park is furthest away from what one might deem the "Main Entrance" and the pub.

This car park is locked at 9 p.m

Car Park Two:

hillingdon First cardholders and those from outside the area

This is what was the old main car park and is more or less opposite the entrance and the pub. Hillingdon First Card holders can park in this car park for free, and again you must display a ticket.

If you do not have a Hillingdon First Card then the price to park for "off season" is £3.50 for a day, or £5 for a day in the "summer". There are no short term tickets available (or are there? See below).

This car park is locked at 9 p.m.

Car Park Three:

The Waters Edge Pub

This is to the left as you enter the main car park and there is an ANPR camera that gets a snapshot of your number plate as you drive in.
 My understanding is you have to give your registration number in at the bar and you then get up to two hours free parking. You have to at least buy a drink.
 DO NOT DRIVE IN THIS CAR PARK UNLESS YOU PLAN TO VISIT THE PUB EVEN WHEN THE PUB IS CLOSED as you will get a ticket if you do not, or can not, give your car registration number in over the bar.
 If you have a Hillingdon First Card it is suggested that you park in one of the main car parks then the two hour curfew would not apply. 

General information

These car parks are regularly patrolled. If you do not get the correct ticket you will get a fine from the council. 

If you have a Hillingdon First Card you MUST get a ticket from the machine using it and display it.

Hillingdon First Card tickets are NOT valid in the Waters Edge section of the car park. If you park it the pub section you MUST get a drink (at least) over the bar and give them your registration number or you will be issue with a fine through the post.

Do NOT park in the local streets as chances are you will get a ticket, even if you park on Ducks Hill Road at the far end of Reservoir Road you will get fined. 

There is more reading, several pictures and some hints and tips including how to pay less for a short stay or find a place to park and not get fined even when the car parks are full on this page within the other Rusilip Online web site.


All information was correct in 2018. You must ALWAYS check for up to date information at the machines at the time you park. Do NOT park in the Waters Edge section unless you intend to go there and you MUST give them your registration number.